How do I move models from Development to Real-Time?

Models may be saved out of the Development System using the ‘Modelling Facilities’ which can be found via the ‘Modelling’ tab in the ribbon. When a model is configured, or loaded, the ‘Save’ option becomes available. This saves out the model as file format *.mmod. This contains the information shown in the Model Details page, as well as the model coefficients/parameters. This allows the user to import the model into the Real-Time system.

When the user saves a model, it is stored in the project ‘Models’ directory. To be imported into the Real-Time system, it should be copied into that projects ‘Models’ directory. A model can be imported in three ways into the Real-Time system:

  • Use for simulation: This allows you to import blocks such as Model Predictive Controllers, as Simulator blocks. This is a useful way to allow the user to simulate the behavior of their blocks against a simulation model.
  • Create a Block: This allows you to create a new block from the model being imported
  • Set a Model for a Block: this allows you to import your model into a pre-existing block. This block must have the same input/output and model-type (e.g. RLS) structure.
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