Troubleshooting Errors: Security Model File cannot be located.

The software cannot locate the security model, or the security model is corrupt.

If you have changed the root path of the Perceptive software by setting the PELHOME registry key, ensure that the all the steps from the installation guide have been completed successfully for the copy of the _GEN_Realms folder.

Please note: The following instructions will erase your current security model and re-install the software. These actions will lose all existing security settings and replace them with the default settings. In this case, access is granted to all users. If you do not wish to continue, please contact Perceptive Engineering through the support portal (click Submit a Request, or email for assistance. 

Navigate to the C:\ProgramData\PerceptiveAPC\Projects\_GEN_Realms. Delete the crypt file of the software you are trying to launch. For the Real-Time System, delete PerceptiveAPC_RTS_Realm.crypt, for the Development system, delete PerceptiveAPC_DEV_Realm.crypt and for the Real-Time Manager, delete PerceptiveAPC_RTM_Realm.crypt.

Reinstall the software. Once this is completed, launch the application. If the problem persists, please contact Perceptive’s support team through the support portal.

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