How I do I log into the software?

You can use any valid Windows credentials to log into the software.

A “valid Windows credential” is any user that can log into the Windows Operating system where the software is installed.



 If the username and password are not recognized, please confirm that the user has read/write access into the correct folder location for the APC software. The default location for this is: the C:\ProgramData\PerceptiveAPC. Depending on your installation and configuration location, your APC configuration and project files may have been configured to an alternate location.


To provide this user read/write access, you will need administrator privileges to change folder properties:

  • Ensure you shutdown the APC software before taking the next steps
  • On the APC folder (defined above), right-click and choose Properties
  • On the Security tab, choose to Edit permissions.
  • Provide read and write access to that folder for the required user(s)
  • Restart your machine (this propagates the required folder permissions)
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