Requesting a Licence Code

A valid licence code is required in order to run any PerceptiveAPC software package (this includes NutriMV, PharmaMV, WaterMV, PerceptiveAPC and DataMV). To license your installation of the software:

  • Start-up the package using the launch icon provided on the desktop.
  • Select the "Display Activation Code" option from the start-up menu.
  • Contact Perceptive Engineering using the email address below and provide the Activation Code.
  • Perceptive will provide a licence code which can be entered at the start-up menu to unlock the package.

To contact Perceptive Engineering for a licence code, please email or choose 'Submit a Request' on the support portal. Please provide the Activation Code as obtained above, and your contact details, and a member of staff will provide assistance. 




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